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Systems Engineering

Everything surrounding us has an engineering discipline intertwined in one facet or another.  Without these disciplines, almost all of what we have today would not exist.  At Falcon, our fundamental engineering methodology and approach is simple, but yet straightforward:  Make a systems engineering investment a priority.  We believe it is vital to make the necessary, upfront investment in order for a project to be successful.  Often, and understandably so, this investment is traded-off due to budget constrained environments and the consequences may result in costly mistakes or issues that arise later in the life of the project.  By making a positive systems engineering investment trade-off, you can uncover issues, mitigate or potentially prevent them resulting in a successful project that is completed on schedule and within budget.  Falcon’s goal is to assist our Customers with making these difficult trade-off decisions by balancing the project requirements against the limited budgets.

At Falcon, we believe engineering is key in supporting your strategic initiatives—not the other way around.  Whether it is a simple Information Technology project or a highly technical and complex space program, our engineers provide the indispensable skills and capabilities to assist our Customers in identifying their project’s requirements and objectives and then transform them into a design for an effective total system solution.

Falcon’s engineers have diverse toolbox of skills and expertise that drives innovative solutions for effective and efficient system design.

ü Analysis of Alternatives

ü Concept of Operations Development

ü Data Verification and Validation

ü Functional Flow Block Diagrams

ü Integration, Verification, and Validation

ü Interface Control Design and Documentation

ü Requirements Analysis and Definition

ü Requirements Traceability Verification Matrix

ü Requirements Verification and Validation

ü Risk Analysis and Assessment

ü Software Design and Engineering

ü Systems Architecture and Design

ü Systems Engineering

ü Systems Integration

ü Systems Testing

ü Use Case Scenario Development


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