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Program Management

In today’s marketplace and business environment, the best strategies are accompanied with pioneering solutions requiring a significant amount of capital investment which consequently, is constrained by shrinking budgets.  For many years, it was widely assumed that a veteran Chief Engineer could easily step in and successfully fulfill the role of the Program Manager.  Many were not very successful, as they lacked the necessary tools to be a Program Manager.  Within the past decade, Program Management has become a recognized discipline of its own and companies are starting to fully comprehend its strategic importance, value, and role.   Many companies have internal Program Management certification programs in conjunction with the highly desired and sought Program Management Institute’s PMBoK® certifications.  The Federal Government has Program Management certification programs that are similar to or an extension of the PMBoK® certification program.

Falcon’s Program Management professionals understand the criticality of cost-effective, innovative solutions required to successfully execute a program.  Our experience enables us to deliver projects on schedule and within budget, even under the most demanding project requirements.  Falcon’s philosophy incorporates stringent and well-defined processes that require application by all project participants and are coupled with ongoing measurement and reporting functions.  Working closely with our Customers, we ensure project teams are synchronized through a solid Program Management framework.

Falcon offers an extensive and comprehensive Program Management portfolio of skills and capabilities.

ü    Acquisition Strategy and Planning

ü    Configuration Management Support

ü    Contract Management Support

ü    Cost and Budget Analysis

ü    Earned Value Management

ü    Master Planning and Scheduling

ü    Metrics: Measurement and Analysis

ü    Mission Management

ü    Policy and Process Procedure Development

ü    Probabilistic Risk Assessment

ü Process Improvement/Six Sigma

ü Proposal Coordination

ü Proposal Management

ü Quality Assurance

ü Risk Analysis and Management

ü Strategic and Capacity Planning

ü Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat Analysis

ü Technical Training

ü Technical Writing/Editing

ü Training Needs and Assessments

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