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Information Technology

E-mail, personal computers, smart phones, blackberries, notepads, Internet, cloud computing:  these various devices of the Information Technology (IT) age are integrated into almost every aspect of the working professional’s daily life and our own personal lives.  In many cases, today’s professionals and businesses cannot operate very long without the availability of these assets.

They simplify our lives by enabling faster communication, increased work productivity, access to vast amounts of information with a simple click of a mouse or press of a button and keep you in contact with your office when traveling.  Unfortunately, the convenience of these technical marvels introduces significant risk.  When they fail, you lose time, money, and possibly become isolated when you cannot communicate with those around you.  Even worse, proprietary or personal information can be quickly compromised or stolen with the ever increasing threat of cyber-attacks.

Falcon’s IT engineers and specialists focus on expanding the usability and efficiency of these technological systems, streamline the processes and procedures for using them, and ensure the systems are protected to the fullest extent possible.  Our objective is to provide and support our Customer’s with smoothly functioning IT Enterprises that are free of bugs, glitches, and interruptions, thus allowing the continual flow of information that is essential to your daily operations. 

Keeping pace with today’s leading-edge technologies and innovative solutions, our IT engineers and specialists diligently work side-by-side with our Customers to ensure protective measures are in place to safeguard the vital information.  Falcon’s repository of IT skills, capabilities, experience, and services range from day-to-day IT support functions to complex Enterprise Resource Planning.

Here is just a portion of Falcon’s IT repository capabilities:

ü Certification and Accreditation

ü Computer Forensics

ü Computer Network Defense

ü Computer Operations Support

ü Database Management and Administration

ü Desktop Support

ü Enterprise Resource Planning

ü Hardware and Software Maintenance

ü Helpdesk Support (Tier 1, 2 and 3)

ü Information Assurance

ü Windows, UNIX, and Linux Operating Systems

ü Network Operations Support

ü Network Security and Threat Assessments

ü Penetration, Vulnerability, and Boundary Testing

ü System Administration

ü System Upgrade and Data Migration

ü Website Content Management

ü Website Design and Development

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