Falcon Engineering and Technologies, Inc.
Falcon's Core Values

Diversity, culture, education, professional, and personal values are the fundamental tenets of any company.  It is essential that an individual’s personal values compliment the company’s values, thus creating an environment and culture that is conducive to foster job satisfaction while enhance the employee’s career growth.  These factors weight significantly on the employee’s decision as they contemplate an opportunity to change jobs or accept a new position, either within or external to the company.

Falcon’s culture is a result of our small size, close-knit relationships and loyalty to employees, and a deep-seated philosophy that it is the employee who makes Falcon what we are.  We conduct ourselves in such a manner that it focuses commitment on our employees, who in turn focus on the customer as they know they are an important asset to the company.  This is  something not commonly found in larger companies. 

Being a small company often requires our employees to perform a variety of functions which allows them to utilize their talents, skills, experience, and education in multiple capacities.  This supports Falcon’s needs for growth and it provides increased responsibility, job satisfaction, and career growth for our employees.  We also cultivate our employee’s growth by providing challenging opportunities to expand their knowledge, learn new skills while encouraging independent and innovative thinking. 

Our core values are simple, but profound.

  • Integrity – Be honest and forthright; take responsibility for the things you say and do
  • Professionalism – Accept responsibility and conduct business ethically
  • Respect – Treat people with courtesy, dignity, and welcome the diversity and opinions of others
  • Commitment – Honor your promises and make our Customers a top priority
  • Excellence – Deliver quality solutions and services and strive for continuous improvement

These are not just words to Falcon and our employees; this is how do our work and what we live by every day.