Falcon Engineering and Technologies, Inc.

Falcon's Practice Areas

Within each of our practice areas, Information Technology, Program Management, Systems Engineering, and IT Staffing Augmentation, Falcon has an extensive repository of skills and expertise committed to backing our customer’s needs that focuses on providing innovative, process-driven technology solutions and services for enhancing their enterprises.  This enables them with the opportunity to increase service delivery quality while realizing cost savings in their own unique operating environments.

With our extensive repository of skills and experience, Falcon offers a broad spectrum of Engineering and Information Technology solutions, services, and IT Staffing across the Federal, Civil, state, local, and commercial sectors by managing them from beginning to end.  By assigning subject matter experts and IT professionals and then integrating them into the customer’s teams, we can tailor our solutions and services for unique situations in a manner that enables Falcon to deliver the best possible solution to their complex issues and problems.

Your mission is our mission:  It results in the delivery of exceptional program performance.  We only succeed in achieving our mission if our customers achieve their mission objectives.

Bottom Line:  Falcon does not succeed if the customer does not succeed.