Falcon Engineering and Technologies, Inc.

Falcon's Market Base 

While Falcon has a diverse customer portfolio that is mainly centered on the Federal Government, it is not all-encompassing Federal Government portfolio.  Rather than attempting to provide solutions and services to all agencies, we strategically focus on a very specific customer set within various bureaus, services, and departments.

This approach enables us to focus our practices areas, coupled with our domain capabilities and extensive repository of skills and experience on the programmatic needs of our customers.  This emphasis significantly enhances our ability to deliver high quality solutions and services by cultivating and cross-pollenating innovative ideas, technologies, solutions, and services across our customers’ organizations resulting in a “win-win” outcome for all.  The customers reap the benefits of our cross-organizational activities and in return, it helps to minimize their costs and increase efficiencies in the era of very constrained budgets.

With our corporate office in the Denver, Colorado metropolitan area, we are just 30 – 45 minutes away from the largest Federal installation outside the Washington D.C. area, aside from a military installation.  The Denver Federal Center is home to or has representation of almost every Federal agency in the U.S. Government.  This close proximity affords us with the opportunity to have a very close and daily working relationship with many of our Federal customers.

In addition to the Federal Government, Falcon also partners with and provides solutions and services to the State of Colorado, State of Oregon, local county and city governments, educational institutions, and the commercial sector.

ü Bureau of Land Management

ü Bureau of Reclamation

ü Customs and Border Patrol

ü National Park Service

ü Social Security Administration

ü Spaceport Colorado

ü U.S. Department of Agriculture

ü U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

ü U.S. Forest Service

ü U.S. Geological Survey

ü U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

ü U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

ü Veterans Administration

ü Western Area Power Administration

ü  Colorado State’s Office of Information and Technology